To help you improve your level of organization, we use either of two basic methods, Hands-On or Coaching/Consultation, or a combination of both.

Hands-On Work

During appointments, we will work side-by-side to evaluate and physically improve your cluttered spaces. I will help you consider your choices and guide you to create systems that will help prevent clutter from returning. You can feel free to keep away from your organizing projects between sessions.

This approach is a great help for people who find organizing to be upsetting and overwhelming, whose problem got too big to manage by themselves, or who just find the process too stressful, annoying, boring, or tiring to deal with alone.


This approach to organizing is discussion-based. During our sessions, we will discuss the status of your organizing projects, and I will guide you to develop systems and routines that will help you create order and maintain it.

This works well for people who are very comfortable doing a lot of work independently, but just need someone to show them the way, give them tips, and provide an anchor.

Combination Of Hands-On And Coaching

This method combines both the Hands-On Work and Consultation/Coaching approaches. During appointments, we will work together to actually physically improve your space. But our time will also be used to teach you how to build on what we have done, so you can continue to make progress on your own between appointments. We might select a specific ‘assignment’ for you to work on between appointments to speed up your progress.