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The Pursuit of Happiness

For many people, a surprising first step to improving time management is to figure out what activities make them happy. Schedule the pursuit of happiness first, then add in the obligations and requirements.

When we feel we can’t or shouldn’t do anything we enjoy until some huge, arduous task has been completed, we can become a little too sad, overwhelmed, and depressed to actually tackle what has to be done.

Knowing something good is coming, and perhaps even allowing ourselves to put the reward first, can improve our capacity for work by giving us things to look forward to. That is why having company motivates many people to push themselves to clean up—or at least hide—their mess. Endlessly feeling like there is no fun in store is just not inspiring. Unless your weak point is the opposite of this, and you indulge in so much fun that you don’t meet your obligations, use joy to help you get the job done!